Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adam in his garden

Our whole yard is his garden. In this shot you can see 3 different terrains: the grass he planted last summer, the earth recently overturned with compost in it, and the dark compost he just spread.
Here's a close-up of the soft fescu grass. Soon, it will all look like this!
But before it can be beautiful, he digs it all up with a shovel and overturns it, adding compost. That's hard work.
This lovely dark gold came free from the landfill. It's lovely. Adam has to dig it all in. It's no wonder his arms are so strong.
Here is another section he's working on; it stretches from our backdoor, around the azaleas toward the pool location. And speaking of the pool, it will be going up next week, Lord willing! I'm afraid we'll drag it out, and find that mice have chewed holes in it, or something. Let's hope not!

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