Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alright: Imagine with me. Visualize the glass sliding doors replaced with double French doors. The ugly brick steps gone also. Instead, a deck coming off from those doors, out toward the dirt area. On the far side of the area, a curved wall of dark green plastic-that-looks-like-wood. In the deck, a hot tub. Steps come off the deck to the rest of the patio, which is all covered with a pergola and shade fabric overhead. Around the edges are large pots with plants and some wysteria climbing its way up the pergola beams.
What do you think? Possible?


  1. Yes, I can see it. I hope your wishes come true!

    Love SB

    PS Like the new look.

  2. MK ~ love the new look, and agree on your plans for the patio and deck. I like the idea of a fence between you and your neighbors, and a separate deck and covered patio, and adore the thought of some sun and some shade. Can I steal your ideas?


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