Friday, February 20, 2009

On a lighter note...

Meet Valentine.

Adam gave me this bear before we were engaged, right before. I was in the hospital with severe Mono. The doctor wouldn't even let me go home from his office, but sent me straight to the hospital. Adam went home and packed my bag!

Adam was so sweet to me then! He brought me flowers. He took off time from work to visit me, and even lost his job over it!

Last night Adam was asked by a couple at church to go to a Civitan dinner in honor of the clergy. He was given these 2 lovely potted plants. See the little cookies on the left? They're actually dog biscuits! Heart-shaped! Some of his girl students were making them for scouts, and sent some home for Lacey.

Ah, supper. Tonight is comfort food: meatloaf, Italian potatoes, and green beans. I can't wait. That meatloaf has been smelling fabulous for an hour. I'll have to post my special meat loaf sauce sometime.

And he's gotten a roaring fire going for me tonight. Isn't he a doll?

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  1. All of us who know you - know that your hubby is one of the better ones out there... AND from the beginning too! :) The Lord has blessed you.


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