Friday, February 13, 2009

My Girls

Okay, so we all know that Julia is a nut. She has a pet rock, which she rescued from the backyard. Her pet rock, which she named Ferret, did not get a spot in the rock wall, and was found abandoned on the ground. She washes Ferret, and she drew a face on one end of him. (I do hope it was the correct end.) And today, she used one of Grandfather's old socks (I know he'll feel honored) and made Ferret a pouch, so she could more easily carry him around.

Up-close of the pouch, and you can see Ferret's face. Little ferret-face!

For a moment of reprieve from all that, here's a shot of Anna, holding a lovely purple and white chocolate heart-shaped sucker that she made for me today after school, at Culinary Club. Ain't she sweet?

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