Monday, February 2, 2009

The latest on Mother

Hi all -

My mom did go for her post-op checkup. She was a little anxious about having the drip tubing removed and the stitches, but both were done with minimal amount of pain. They did the CT scan. The spot on her lung turned out to be a calcification, as I understand it - harmless and not to worry about. However, they did detect 3 other, tiny little spots, so small that they could neither biopsy them or tell what they are. They will continue to monitor these and check them in 3 months, I believe. If they grow, they will biopsy them and pursue it; if it's cancer they'll do chemo then.

So for now she will just do radiation on the arm. We're very thankful. All in all, it was a positive visit. Thanks so much for your prayers!

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