Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Looking Foolish:

Today we had a school pep rally. One of the entertainments was to coerce a pair of middle schoolers, a pair of high schoolers, and 2 pairs of faculty, onto the gym floor for humiliating activities. You guessed it - the cheerleaders (whom I also torture in the classroom) picked me. What did I have to do?

Do the hoola-hoop. My hips don't do that anymore. And there's no waist left.

Hit a wiffle ball with a pool noodle. I swung and swung and swung. 3rd time's a charm!

Jump rope. Now that I can still do. Slowly.

And last, ride back down the length of the gym on a little floor-level, 4-wheel scooter. The students told me they had never seen anyone use a scooter with such dignity. I told them I had learned it in London.

AND, my team didn't even come in last!


  1. Ha, ha. There's a lot I miss about teaching middle school, but pep rallies are not one of them:-)

  2. I think you are awesome! Just not anyone could have done that - video-videeoo please... :)


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