Friday, February 6, 2009

I am frazzled

Isn't that what you say when you're SO tired? What a long week! I think I'm still adjusting to second semester, and it's February! Some of us are just slow.

Today we had "swap day" at school. This was a brain-child of Adam's. 4th/5th graders get to come up to the middle school for the day, and 8th graders get to visit the high school. Everybody shuffles around, and chaos results. And we teachers try to salvage a few brain cells in the fray! Not to go into details, but I ended up with 41 students (give or take a few; I didn't count; there were too many) in my 3rd block class. I shoved the tables against the walls and just had them sit in chairs. We had to do things that didn't involve writing or desks, for 1 hour, 25 minutes. And it worked. But I am pooped.

Mother, thanks for the fun card. And Gloria - my mom sent me that fun article that Mr. Cotton wrote about you. What a dear! That was a sweet article, but we loved the picture of you best. I told Adam you were clearly having a big guffaw right at that moment, and I could just hear you!

Peter will get that stump out tomorrow, "come hell or high water," as they say. That's not cussing, is it? But he'll get it out. I'll take pictures. It's turned into lovely weather, at last.

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  1. no it's just a pictoral exclamation so we understand that it 'will' be done....
    I truly understood the meaning of "Lord willing the creek don't rise' one time we went to visit my Grandma Baire. .... it had rained and we could see her. She lived down a 'holler' and the creek had risen.. so we could see her from the main road - she could see us but the creek was triple in size and was up to her door step - there was no getting to her that week. I was only 12 but I completely understood the phrase -


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