Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's happening?

Well, Adam has been home for two days with a stomach bug. He rarely throws up. (This is only the 4th time in our marriage, and 2 of those were for food he ate, not illness.)

Philip is enjoying his senior year just a LITTLE too much. His grades are slipping. His parents are worried. He is practicing his trumpet just a little more than last week. But his mother jumped on him last night and told him she was DONE bailing him out! Why do teenage boys sometimes seem to become LESS responsible as they age? I ask you!!!

Anna is enjoying being in the play. And she is in a really fun literature class with some other sharp students. Now, 2 years ago, I taught these same kids and they were abysmal. But forcing them to rise to the occasion, and teaching them now to understand the literature, and helping them feel competent and confident -- well, that has produced some kids who are in grave danger of actually enjoying their education.

Peter is trying to be more organized, but mostly failing at that. His friends (in Anna's class) asked me to tell them some stories today from Peter's childhood, which I did, describing him as an adorable outdoorish boy with curly blond hair and a penchant for carrying knives and hatchets. We returned quickly to literature.

Julia is tired of Girl Scouts. She wants to be homeschooled. She is with a rather rowdy, ill-behaved class of kids. We're thinking about it. If you know them, please don't tell them I think so!! (She's not always perfect herself.)

MK is awaiting the arrival of 31 research papers in her lap tomorrow, which will require immediate attention.

And I won't go into deeper thoughts. I'll save those for later.

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  1. and Peter was so ADOWABLE!!! those blond curls


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