Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At Julia's Request:

I made sopapillas for breakfast. Or, considering our sleep patterns these days, they might be called brunch.
Use any biscuit recipe you like, because that's basically what this is: flour, b.p. salt, cut in shortening/butter/lard, and add milk. Sounds like biscuits to me! As you work it lightly, fold it over numerous times to add loft. You should roll it out rather thin then, if you want them to be light as air, which mine weren't quite, this morning.
I used peanut oil for frying. They fry up very quickly. And for some of you who are TERRIFIED of fried foods, if I weighed the amount of peanut oil I started with, and the amount I ended up with afterward, I really don't think there's much actual oil IN the sopapillas (Okay, let's just go ahead and call them donuts. Or fried biscuits.) Just sayin' -- because they were IN some blazing hot oil for 30 seconds doesn't mean they're oily.

Drain them on a rack, so they don't sit in their oil either. Sprinkle with conf. sugar & cinnamon.
Add a drizzle of honey. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
Anna approved.
And Julia said she loves me :)

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