Thursday, August 12, 2010

What I ate today:

I went outside yesterday, in 98 degree heat, so today I stayed home. For breakfast, I had homemade, toasted zucchini bread with butter. This from a dear lady at church.

For lunch:
Those are our tomatoes. And when tomatoes are in the garden, a BLT is calling my name!!
This afternoon, I felt a terrible need for a cold, creamy drink. I began looking through my wall pictures on facebook. (For you facebookers out there, that will tell you how bored I was today.) I found a picture from vacation of a glass of iced coffee with scoops of chocolate ice cream. Adam obliged and made some.

For supper, he made a baked chicken. He stuffed it with onion, garlic, basil, rosemary & a whole lime. He rubbed it with butter and sea salt. The skin was exceedingly yummy.
He also made some Spanish gazpacho today, a first. We heard the recipe for this cold soup while driving back from Mississippi, on The Splendid Table.

It was a good food day!


  1. A spoonful of lavender-infused whipped cream in a tall glass of cream soda makes a delightful cold, creamy drink.

  2. We are usually in need of a smoothie around 4pm in our house.
    LOVE gazpacho.


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