Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Product Post #7: Shovels

Boy, have we run through some shovels! A shovel in our family generally lasts 1 to 2 years. Hey -- we do a lot of digging! Rocks, bushes, unlevel terrain -- our yard has needed a lot of work. Southern red clay is HEAVY.

So, our fiberglass handle from Southern States? It lasted one year. Sheesh. But it was cheap -- about $20. It's hard to find a shovel for less than that. And Adam priced a nice wooden-handled shovel. At WalMart, one with a pine (as in, CHEAP) handle was $39. Sigh. He wanted a decent one with a hickory handle.

And then he went to: SEARS! You know, one of those stores in the mall that nobody shops at anymore? Well, let me tell you! It's heavy duty. It has an ash handle (better than hickory!) And it's a Craftsman. Can you say Lifetime Warranty? Oh yeah! And, um, did I mention that it cost only $19.99?
There's the warranty writing, right there. And on the back of the receipt too. If this shovel ever breaks (if? ha!!), we just return it to ANY store, nationwide, that sells Craftsman tools, and it's replaced immediately. Just. Like. That.
See? Heavy Duty! (Philip is out there digging the fire pit as we speak.) See the little round logo? It says, "Forever." Music to my ears!
Now I will go tape the Sears receipt to my vanity mirror where I can find it when needed. No more shovel worries! Take THAT, WalMart!


  1. I appreciate this kind of helpful testimony. It is so disheartening to have one's shovel fall apart, and I've had it happen more than once. Hey, maybe it's a Craftsman I have now, that has lasted!

  2. oh yes! Chris only buys tools at Sears!


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