Friday, August 13, 2010

I am SO lethargic today. Honestly, I could have just stayed in bed and slept, on and off, all day. As I lay like a slug on the couch, I felt lazy, and guilty. I thought of all those teachers out there, getting back into the daily grind of the classroom, while I lay here, at home, gazing blithely at the ceiling. Why was I so tired?

After a nice nap, I remembered what I'd done this summer. Retrieved a son from college, taken a daughter to the mountains to work for the summer, had quite a bit of company (including my s-i-l and her 6 kids for a week), took 2 kids to camp, drove to W.Va. twice, went to Music Conference for a week, and drove to Mississippi for Adam's job interview. Then I collapsed. I think maybe I deserve a little break.

We're waiting to hear back from the church in Mississippi where Adam candidated. It's hard to wait. I felt extremely encouraged while we were there, and for a few days afterword, but our employment situation has been discouraging for SO long that, unless I'm given very frequent good news, I quickly become disheartened. I'm tired of waiting for good news.

Our pool died. It's served us well for 4 summers, although last summer was honestly too cool to swim as much as we like to (every day), and this summer's crazy weather wasn't much better. Hopefully we'll get another Easy Set pool next summer; it's been a good investment. It's sad, though, that our swimming is over for the summer, because the hot weather certainly is NOT over. Upper 90s today - ugh!

In spite of my doldrums of spirit, I made bread, went shopping, went to church & choir practice, did laundry, vacuumed and made dinner in the past 3 days. Not too bad. Oh, and I wrote a short story and 2 essays, but those things come popping out of my head whether I like it or not.

So, if I don't post tomorrow, you'll know I just stayed in bed.

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  1. When you are worn out, you are worn out, and it's not a good thing to keep pushing, if you want to stay in the race long-term. Thank God you had the freedom to rest--though it sounds like you are accomplishing a lot this summer, all added up!


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