Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breezy at Birkdale

Today we went back to Birkdale Village, and took our guests -- the Deatsches! Here are (top) Holly & Kayren, (bottom) Aleya, Lorien, Julia. At this point they were happy and not sweaty yet :)
Our first stop was The Fragrance Shop -- such a great place! Alynn asked to go to Birkdale precisely so she could visit here. Last summer she found her Most Beloved Fragrance here. (Don't we all have one, ladies?) We had fun sniffing dozens of little glass jars. Isn't it a lovely store?
The Fragrance Shop has gorgeous glass bottles in its windows. I couldn't resist a few shots. We told the little girls NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING. These jars are not cheap.

Kayren is a great photographer. Here she has the other girls lined up for a photo shoot. I took advantage of the moment.
Holly -- she's actually Alynn's brother's daughter, and we love it when she comes to visit.
Kayren is comfortable behind the lens.
Julia had just finished brushing her hair. She's turning into a young lady.
Lorien, who is very lovely.
Birkdale blooms.
Tom, with his girl, Aleya. Sandy has taken a real shine to Tom. She's happy in the middle of things.
She's a mighty pretty puppy :)
Tom and Alynn -- our best friends. We relish our time with them each year, and are sorry we live so far apart. But, someday -- forever together in heaven. Is that too morbid to say? I'm looking forward to it.
After getting ice cream (which melted at alarming speed in the heat) we sat on park benches. The breeze picked up, and in the shade it was pleasant. Crepe myrtle blossoms blew into our hair. Alynn and I leaned into the crooks of our husbands arms and all was well in the world.
Julia plays with Sandy constantly. Sandy is very comfortable with her, and will lie on her back in Julia's lap, trusting her implicitly. It's a dear thing.
We came home to gyros and fried potatoes for supper, and a nice evening of singing and visiting .

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