Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm in Mississippi this weekend. As we neared Edwards, the clouds grew ominous and gray, and a panel of rain poured down before us. Thunder, lightening and wind came, but we never had rain in town.
My mother-in-law has a new, wonderful gadget in her kitchen -- a countertop dishwasher! Have you ever seen anything so adorable?
It has room for a few glasses, plates, silverware, and is so small. It saves water and is perfect for one or two people.
I've taken many pictures of Gloria's lovely home, but I don't think I've ever photographed her hallway -- a broad area as wide as a small room. I love its angles, and the warmth of the bare wood.
Gloria's kitchen is bright with lots of cabinets. There's Anna! We're so glad to have her back from her summer at Ridgehaven.
The jewel of Gloria's home is the porch. Family and friends have spend many easy hours visiting there. Julia was painting at the round table, as you see.
Years ago, we played crochet on the front lawn. Now it's shadier a scattered with trees, very lovely.


  1. Thanks for the tour. Your mil's home is so appealing. I've never seen a countertop dishwasher before.

  2. Love that there are angels in her home. :)

  3. hahaha!! I went back and looked for angels in the pictures -- ANYWYERE :) Thanks for the correction!


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