Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Boring Post

Hi all --

No photos.

I'm sitting at the Bean, mooching their wireless and not buying a thing. Sigh. All their stuff has Too Many Calories!

I'll have a nice long post ... later ... about Julia's and my day today. We took a field trip out to Fort Macon, and did a little Christmas shopping. Lots of photos. Lots of fun. But I have no time to do it now.

I can't wait to be doing my internetting at home on my couch!!!

Two college kids, Anna and Peter, will drive this way on Thursday. Thursday night I have a dinner with friends. Friday night is hot cider, cookies, and carol singing down at the town dock, courtesy of our church folks. Farmers market on Saturday. Christmas program on Sunday PM. Rehearsal next Monday, and then singing in a small a cappella group on Tuesday. And on, and on.

Our weather shifts mood here faster than a 14 year old girl. This morning I dressed in sandals and a long-sleeved t-shirt, but took along a sweater and pair of socks, just in case. Ha! I needed them by late afternoon, when the temps had plummeted and my toesies were frozees.

Off to our weekly Bible study at church. Much to do. Much to not do :) I long for a series (say, ten?) of nights in which to do nothing but sit at home with Adam and watch a show. When my heart longs for that, I'm always afraid God will frown upon my discontent and give me a broken leg that will give me months of nothing-to-do!


  1. It sounds like the Christmas season for sure. I guess we can rest in our graves. ;-)

  2. Goodness, it is admittedly not as cold as it usually can be in December here, but that type of clobber is long since packed away! Your Friday evening sounds idyllic. I must build in some idyllic- soon!

  3. Things will calm down soon. Maybe.
    You'll love having the kids home!

  4. I've learned in life it's best to be careful what you wish for.


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