Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Little Chaos Blogging

Chaos blogging is: splashing lots of unconnected photos on one's blog and attempting to make order of them. Ha! If my blog seems a little chaotic, you should see my house!
But the church doors are looking lovely. Wreaths:
The Advent season jumped up and surprised us this year, and I'm still catching up. No Christmas tree up yet. No Advent stuff, and no Jesse tree yet. It's really, really hard to organize enough for holidays when one is moving into a house. Sigh.
Here's that cranberry recipe (well, "recipe" is a stretch) I promised you. Ingredients:
You put a full bag of fresh cranberries into a casserole and sprinkle a cup of sugar on top. Do not mix it in then. Wait until it's cooking down for 35 minutes, and stir it while it's baking. Unless ... like me ... you forget all about it. Then you can just stir it when you pull it out of the oven. It's all good.
Stir in a full jar of orange marmalade and let it chill in the frig overnight.
This stuff is delightful with all the zip of cranberries, all the sweetness of marmalade, and the great texture of both.
Serve it as a relish/salad on the plate, or spread it on buttered toast as a preserve. It's both!
My dining room table is chaotic too -- covered with tools, food, half-finished projects and items I simply don't know where to put yet! It's hard to decorate such a table for Christmas, y'know?
Julia gave the doggies their first bath in the new house. Poor Beau. [Actually, we've discussed his name. We think it should be "Prince Bilbo Beauregard Longshanks." That way, the "Beau-Beau" we've been calling him would actually be "Bo-Beau." (hahahaha!!!) And he can have Bo for everyday, common use, and Beau for when he wants to be swanky and upper-class. And the Longshanks? That's a joke on him, of course.]
I did do the market on Saturday. It wasn't as big and busy as last year. It was frigidly cold at 7:15 AM. Here's Christine in her Santa hat.
She just got a new gadget -- see that little white box sticking out the top of her smart phone? That allows her to swipe people's credit cards! Coolness! She's so advance and professional. Really, Christine is an incredibly hard worker. We all sit back and watch her and just feel tired doing so.
The sun rising over the town dock and the boats there:
I'll have more later. Still blogging from the Bean. (I'm writing this on Monday, but you probably won't see it until later this week. I'm doling out my posts.) Happy week to all. When I get my Christmas mojo in gear, I'll let you know.


  1. What? You have TWO dogs? hahaha People might think I only have ONE child (the baby) as she is most agreeably disposed to photographs. Love those pretty wreaths and those clean doggies. I can't figure out why a dog who does absolutely nothing all day long can smell so bad.

  2. Ha! True, our Sheltie smelled particularly bad. But honestly, when they go outside, they just LOOK for the nastiest things to chew on - bleck! :)


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