Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Breakfast Dating

Yesterday morning Adam and I went out to breakfast, thanks to a thoughtful gift from a church member. Oriental has many restaurants to satisfy the needs of our tourist stream. But the local diner for the common man (and woman) is Brantley's.
It's not a dive, nor a hole-in-the-wall. It's a clean, ordinary place where you seat yourself, where groups of locals gather for breakfast each morning of the week, Mrs. Sil (Brantley's wife) makes the best pies in town, a heart-attack buffet is always available, and the breakfast comes with coffee.
We arrived at 8:00, so the early crowd was long gone. There's a little tree.
A fine trawler sits atop the buffet line.
All the staff, and probably all of Brantley's family, have stockings hanging by the food line with care.
There's a small clump of local geezers at the back table.
Adam and I each ordered a one-egg combo, which came with grits and biscuit for me, and wheat toast and potatoes for Adam, plus coffee. We're trying so hard to be good on our diets. Adam has now lost 54 lbs. I've lost a smidgeon over 20.
His face is really slimming down, don't you think? He says at last he's starting to recognize himself in the mirror.

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  1. What a lovely morning date. It sounds like a very nice, homey place.

    Congrats to both of you for your weight loss.

    Merry Christmas ~ FlowerLady


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