Saturday, December 21, 2013

Back in the Blogging Saddle Again

At last! We have zippity-fast internet at our house! I think all six of us shall sit about on couches staring at screens, to make up for our online starvation of late. Ah well ... now I can catch up with my horrible blogging and fill you in on some of the things we missed. First, when Julia and I went to Fort Macon for that field trip, we drove around Beaufort, getting a little lost. We found the end of a street and this breath-taking grove of live oak trees. Aren't they lovely?

I thought you'd like an update on the house-on-stilts. I can't wait to see what their stairs look like. Or will they keep it as a pole-house and use a liftavator?
The Beautiful Neuse, as ever. Here in Oriental, every poor man has a river of diamonds.
Last weekend was our town's "Spirit of Christmas," the local Christmas festival with lots of goings-on, music, endless food, and general good cheer. Seriously ... they publish a brochure listing all the local businesses that serve up everything from clam chowder to chili to cider to unpronounceable foreign delicacies, for free, just to get the foot traffic moving. You can graze your way around Oriental for two days and never cook a meal.
They set up luminaria along Hodges Street and South Avenue by the river.
All the boats in the marina slips at the town dock were lit and decorated.
Our church sets up a table each year and serves hot cider and cookies to passersby. It was a big success this year. We also sing carols with the crowd. The weather was cold and windy this year, but clear and seasonal.
We drank a whole big thermos of cider -- over 4 gallons.
Cider is the best hand-warmer on such a night.

Friends looking festive!
And then ...! the kayaks arrives! A flotilla of four kayaks tootled around the town harbor. As they drifted to the dock, we handed them cups of cider.

The kayakers paddle away.
After the carols were done and the cider was drunk, I went to another venue to sing. These were the light trees there; I like how my wobbling hand jazzed up the photo!
A friend's front door is wreathed for the holiday.
Today our temps were in the mid 70s and I biked all over town. It's gorgeous, windows-down weather. The farmers market was phenomenal this morning; I've never had such sales! All four children are home now for the holidays, and we're simply enjoying seeing each others' faces. Blessings all around!


  1. The kayaks look so festive! It reminds me of when Santa would appear on a catamaran to wish everyone Mele Kalikimaka (when Dave and I lived in Hawaii).

  2. That sounds like fun, Sandra! A lit boat is a beautiful thing.


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