Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Food From Afar

Last week we dashed over to visit some church friends who'd just returned from a trip up north. Look what they bought there and gave to me!
Chestnuts! Now I have to figure out how to cook them. I recall, as a child in Hopewell, Virginia, gathering chestnuts from a tree in our back alley, dumping them into a large hamper, and sitting on the curb hoping to sell them to passersby. My friend bought these at an Asian market where they were very inexpensive.
And they brought Adam three real, beautiful, white bratwurst. He had one for dinner last night.
One of his very favorite meats, which is why we don't really keep sausages of any kind in the house, if we can help it!
Update: I had no success with the chestnuts, unfortunately, but Adam scarfed down those brats!!

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