Friday, December 27, 2013

A Brisk Day on the River

You have to plan a sail. We watch the weather forecast, note when we have a free afternoon, and then ... just grab the time together. Adam made us a big, yummy Mexican lunch and after that we took to the river.
Just Adam ...
And me ...
And lots of water.
I thought I'd share some short video I took while we were sailing, so you can see the water rolling us around a bit. It wasn't choppy today, no whitecaps (or cats' paws, as they call 'em). But it was cold and brisk and rolling.

We didn't stay out as long as usual. The sun was low in the sky and didn't warm us as I wish it would. Lovely sky though.
We passed this bird on the marker in Greens Creek on the way out, and again on the way home.

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  1. Now that was quite a ride! I enjoyed seeing you sail and seeing the waters right up close and personal. It made me feel a little woozy. What a great thing to do....just the two of you.


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