Monday, December 30, 2013

The Aerie in New Bern

Last night Adam and I treated ourselves to a stay at a New Bern Bed and Breakfast, The Aerie.
We're simply B&B people. We've been doing this for years, when we can find time, when we can afford it. We view it as an investment in our marriage, which it about our most precious possession. It's money well-spent.
Adam chose this inn as my Christmas gift. The decorations are superb.
This was the living room last night. Talk about lights! I love the arch between the hall and the room.
This is a view of it from the stairs.
This beautiful old home is immaculately kept, as so many of these inns are, especially the ones "in town."
From 5:30 - 6:30 they served drinks and hors d'oeuvres downstairs. We chatted with the hosts, Michael and Marty, and the other guests. We were all deciding where to go for dinner. Most of them opted for the pricier downtown restaurants recommended by the stack of menus at the inn. I'm sure those are nice, but since we live here and know the restaurants in New Bern, we chose a much less expensive one, with equally delicious food -- Paula's Italian. It was perfect, and we saved our purse and our tummies.
The decorations were truly breath-taking.
In the dining/breakfast room was this beautiful piano. The soundboard is the length of a grand.
Then we stepped up to our room.
They had a personalized welcome card waiting for us. This inn is all about service. Everything is provided. They had a sound machine/spa already in the room, even though I brought my own, to help with sleeping.
The bed is enormous -- not in width, but in height! I had to climb on the ledge of the rail to get into it!
There's a lovely sitting area with deep chairs, wireless internet, TV/DVD, etc.
Old fireplace:
Graceful figurine:
Seasonal decor:
However, I'm all about the bathtub - haha! I really do enjoy soaking in a deep, warm tub when I'm at a B&B. With no household responsibilities, no time constraints, I can lounge in a bubble bath and let the worries of the world go by.
The bathroom was as pretty as the bedroom.
There's a little drink service also with water and ice.
And two luxurious bathrobes, so you don't have to bring your own. Adam said he felt like Agent 007 wearing one of these :)
Just outside our door is a lovely porch with views of the old downtown.
The upstairs is very pretty too ~
This is a small room for guest services, like movies for your viewing, tea and coffee and hot cocoa as you need it, cold drinks and water too.

I like this cool lamp.
This morning at breakfast, we knew we'd find three hot options to choose from. Marty is quite an exceptional cook, and the presentation was perfection.
Adam chose the omelet, and I picked the pancakes.
The dining room was sparkling with silver and lights.
Right down to the smallest decorations on our table.
I love the string of thick garland and lights over head.
This door leads to the kitchen ...
And through those doors came this delightful "appetizer" before our breakfast. It's yogurt, fruit, and a little crunchy grape nuts in the bottom.
Adam's 3-egg omelet is what we'd eat for three breakfasts!
Here are my pancakes:
And a carnation on top!

Adam was impressed with her bacon cooking. She skewers the strips on a toothpick and bakes them. They come out crispy and are more pleasant to eat this way, than in a long strip. The breakfast was excellent, and you'll be glad to know that we both left about 1/3 on our plates, in the interest of our recent weight loss.
The Aerie is a beautiful place. Adam says he hopes we'll return here, if only because the tub in our room is the largest jacuzzi tub we've found in a B&B since we stayed at the Hancock House in Dubuque, Iowa, many, many years ago.
In August, we stayed at The Inn on Bath Creek. In the interest of honesty and assisting other travelers, I'll give you my frank opinion, comparing the two. If you love an old home with antiques and luxurious living, The Aerie is it. But personally, I preferred our stay in Bath more. The town is tiny. The home was built as a B&B, and it's designed for my comfort. The innkeepers at Bath were the perfect balance of helpful but never rude or intrusive. It takes a gentle, quiet personality, a servant's attitude, to be a great innkeeper. I did not find that at The Aerie. I don't like pushy people, or people who invade my "private space" when I'm trying to have a getaway. I just felt that the hosts at Bath did a much better job at that. The Bath Inn was quiet; we were the only guests, and the food was excellent in both places. In the end, I'd love to come back to both inns. There are certainly more restaurant options in New Bern, and that's an important point. And ... there's always the bath tub :) Adam says we'll come back to The Aerie just for that.


  1. I love B&Bs too - and that one's a beauty. Wow, what a gorgeous place. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year, MK.

  2. And the PORCH! Oh I dream of porches!!

  3. I'm so glad you had fun and appreciated every sweet feature!

  4. I appreciated your comment, "We view it as an investment in our marriage, which it about our most precious possession." Looks like a beautiful place to get away.

  5. what a delightful time and B&B; and how wise y'all are to make an investment in your marriage and each other. I would have eaten most of that breakfast and then skipped all meals for the remainder of the day. love the bacon idea!

  6. What a fun post and such a fun present. :) You know, we have visited a few B&Bs but I have never thought of going at Christmastime when it would be decorated for Christmas. Great idea! I spotted that bacon immediately and your breakfast was lovely.
    Hugs from tx,

  7. Adam tried cooking bacon that way for the kids last night, to give it a try. He used toothpicks, and they were too short and made the bacon scrunch up too tightly. She must've used something longer, like a real wooden skewer, to get the pieces more spread out, so they brown better in the "inside" curls of meat. Still, ours was good too. I think it gets more of the bacon up off of the baking pan, so it's crunchier. Perhaps baking it on a cooling rack, on a pan, would work even better.


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