Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's on the Water

Just real quick, let me show you what was down by the river this morning, as I sat shivering at the farmers market with the other five vendors. Brr! The post-Christmas market is only for the truly brave-at-heart, it appears!
 A flock of speedy bikers flew past the market tables on their way to the Bean for coffee. I know from experience that all their loud, clacky bike shoes on the Bean's hard wood floors is not a pleasant sound, but they bring good, faithful business.  They were also brave to be out in this chilly weather.
 Across the road, this boat has been at the Town Dock for about a week, I think. The limit is 48 hours for visitors, which is pretty generous to cruisers, for a free stay in town while they get their bearings and find out if they want to get a slip somewhere, or head to another port.
 This pontoon boat has large solar panels on each side, as you see. Very energy efficient. Many boaters are environmentally conscious.
 Also gazing out to sea are the line of Adirondack chairs at Lou Mac Park. Nobody vies for a spot here today. Last winter, we had only 3 or 4 chairs here; now we have 8!
I suspected this would make a good blog banner, so you'll see this up there for a while this winter, to help warm us all with the bright yellow and the warm sun, reminding us of the days to come.
Adam and Peter went sailing today as well. They enjoyed better weather than we did yesterday -- more sun, good wind. I'm glad Peter got a chance to sail while he's here.


  1. I like the Adirondack chairs, but they would sure be out of place where I live. Just 2* and WINDY here right at the moment. I'll enjoy looking at them here at a warmer blog.

  2. And I enjoy looking at your beautiful snow, Jody :) It's a real pleasure to visit so many blogs at different climes.

  3. The chairs are so charming, MK.


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