Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Christmas Labor of Love

A friend called last week and asked me to take on a very special project for Christmas. His wife's grandma, years ago, knitted Christmas stockings for all the family members -- my friend, his wife Lisa, and their two boys.
Lisa died of cancer a few years ago, and my friend and his two sons have been alone. But this year, one of the boys has a girlfriend, and they want her to have one of the stockings too. Grandma died long ago. So my friend brought me Lisa's stocking as a pattern, and asked me to make a new stocking for the girlfriend.
Gulp. What a lovely, precious, awesome thing to do! I was willing, nervous, and felt so privileged to have a part in this beautiful family tradition. Lisa's stocking is shown in these photos.
I do knit. I'm no master-knitter. I've done two pairs of socks, but replicating this pattern from merely looking at it will be a challenge for me. See her nice finished toes?
Below is my beginning -- the top cuff of the stocking.
At this point, I've completed the heels and am working through the body of the foot. It's been fun and creative. I love studying the beautiful work of a knitter from years ago, studying her stitches like an interpreter and striving to do them justice. I'll post pics of the finished product, and hope it will be acceptable! I must say, this is a very meaningful project to apply my hands to, this season. As I knit, I often prayed that God will help me do work that would make Lisa (whom I've never met) happy, as I contribute a small bit toward her boy's future happiness.


  1. www.mdiber05.wordpress.comDecember 19, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    Sweet. :-)

  2. What a beautiful story....God bless you mightily and your hands, as you do His work MK!!

  3. How satisfying to have a part in this lovely project - a huge part!! You are a trooper to do it.

  4. You're amazing. Really. Hoping for your sake the fortunate girl has a short name! Your work always brings joy...this will too.

    And, btw, thanks for your encouraging comment to me.:)

  5. Aw, you are a treasure, being willing to take the time to do this, MK. YOU are a busy little bee!
    Someday I shall make a normal sock. I made one and it looked like something a Viking would wear (a big Viking!).


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