Friday, June 26, 2015

A Day with the Girls

Yesterday I experienced a rare treat -- a blessing that some people never have.
I spent the day on the beach with my girlfriends.
I'm keenly aware that I'm a woman of privilege -- I have real girlfriends.
The kind you can cry with, be real with, let-your-hair-down-with friends.
I haven't always had a gaggle of girls like this.
I also discovered a forever-and-always secret to The Perfect Beach Day (for me) -- a good umbrella! See those legs in the shade -- ahhhhh! I discovered at last that I adore the ocean, the waves, the sand, the calm air and salt smell. But I just loathe the sun. I do not like to be burnt to a crisp like a strip of bacon.
Christine has this umbrella thing down to an art form -- see what she brought along? A five-gallon bucket. She used it to carry stuff (sandals, water, book) to the beach, and then filled it with sand to hold the umbrella securely. It never fell over, all day long. Genius. I'm getting a sturdy canvas umbrella before my next beach trip, and using it for the rest of my life.
Storm clouds threatened all afternoon but never carried through on their rumbly words.
Patti and Kip basked in the sun while I basked in the shade :)
I relaxed my soul with a little watercoloring. Painting shells prevents me from bringing more real shells into the house.
This interesting fellow brought his paddleboard and paddle to the beach. 
And he ... walked on the water, in a manner of speaking. He rode a few waves for a bit, but mostly he floated along on his board, standing tall, viewing the ocean. I'd never seen this done on the ocean before.
We stopped for breakfast at Waffle House before the beach. I hadn't been to a WH since high school, if then. My daddy took me once, I think, because I begged. I love waffles.
Those girlfriends can put away some breakfast food!
This is what it's all about -- sweet, sweet. Real friends, real love. They stick with you through good and bad, hug you when you cry, finish your jokes, tell you when you're being ridiculous. We are all so very different, but we get along like bread and butter.
And although we do have our beautiful moments, most of our moments are more like this ...
Just crazy.
Not every woman needs a pack of friends. I've lived years without it. They were serious, hard-working years. Adam says he likes me when I'm with my girlfriends -- I'm more relaxed, more my old, happy, silly self. I've had years of paying such close attention to the hard work of life, that I've usually forgotten how to do silly. It's good to know my silly button still works. Thanks, girls :)


  1. A bunch o' blessings all over the place! What delights!

  2. Good friends are one of life's greatest blessings. : )

  3. I'm a bit of a loner myself. The only ladies I really know are the ones I work with. It's good to know I can change that if I really want to. ;)
    I love the 5 gallon pail idea! That IS genius! I'm like you. I love the sun, but not directly on me. I see a big black cloud coming my way. I wonder if I should unplug my computer! Your day at the beach looks like so much fun. Glad you found a gaggle of gals you really enjoy. :)

  4. Oh that is just lovely! Plus that's a great tip about the umbrella! I'm similar, I just want to be in the shade to enjoy the beach.x

    You are blessed to have a girl friend group. I don't really have one now.x

  5. You needed that. A welcome break. :)

  6. How very special this time with your friends sounded. I would love to have some close (to where I live) friends. Most of my good friends live miles away. Anyway I think it's great that you are blest with special people in your life.

  7. I love my book club friends. Good friends are a true blessing. And there's nothing like being able to be silly with friends!
    Lovely watercolor shells, too.


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