Friday, June 5, 2015

In Photo Limbo

Hey, peeps -- Still working on my photograph situation. I think ... perhaps ... fingers crossed ... it's getting better. I decided to go with Picasa since all my blog photos are already stored there by Google. (Ah, Google. The all-knowing Wizard-of-Oz of the internet!) I think Picasa now has a very nice photo editing program that I downloaded. Picasa 3. Right now I'm uploading (or downloading? What's the difference?) all my photos from my Picasa Web Albums into this new program.

We'll see how it works. Apple iPhoto is now dead to me!

I tried shifting some phone photos I took yesterday to my gmail, but it would be a royal pain in the neck to get photos out of email for a blog post! Ugh!

For those (like my parents) uninterested in my computer worries, but very interested in family news, we are busy. Anna is job-applying and car-shopping. She thought she'd found a car, but then it disappointed when driven. Peter is working every day at the Provision Company and already enjoying a little social life. Adam has spent the last three days driving around with Anna and Julia -- Anna, looking for cars, and Julia, finishing up her placement testing results for the community college.

She took her placement tests in reading and math over two days. She scored just fine in both, although she did moan and groan about it, and declared that she was a dummy and would certainly fail. But she didn't! She can go straight into college classes in the fall. (That makes me feel like rather a success as a teacher! Not too shabby for a 15 year old1) Next week we'll meet with the head of the dual enrollment program at the college to choose her courses for this coming year. I think she's pretty excited. She can take art appreciation and art history, economics courses, philosophy courses, ethics courses, American literature and history, chemistry, biology, and others. She's very excited about the science classes. And she can avoid some of the more tedious and time-consuming aspects of most high schools.

Julia is also house-sitting and dog-sitting for a near neighbor this weekend. Anna has a little job watering a lady's plants for the next month. She's applied at all the restaurants in town and Dollar General and WalMart. So everyone is busy, and the house is hopping with coming-and-going.

I've started knitting a little mobius shrug -- like an infinity scarf, but shorter so it wraps around the shoulders, across the back and the upper chest, and the turn in the mobius sits on the chest. Should be cute. I just started a shawl too, a simple, triangular gray farm shawl. If you watched "Lark Rise to Candleford" you might have noticed Mrs. Timmons wearing one. The triangle is long from tip to tip, and the shawl crosses across the chest and the ends can be knotted together in the back. So it's a shawl you can wear, and work in, and it keeps your torso warm.

So ... no photos today, but hopefully soon!

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  1. Lots of good news! I know you're proud of your daughter; you can be proud of yourself, too! Lovely post --- your update here is a blessing!


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