Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Old Things, Pretty Things

Recently I took a few photos of things I've had a long time, like this plate. It's the last survivor of four  dinner plates and four graceful soup bowls, a set I bought in Poland in 1987, I believe. I brought them back successfully in my duffle bag (!!), along with a set of 6 fragile slim wine glasses.
And this vase -- it was a wedding gift, from whom I don't recall. I love its shape, and the thin lip, and the faint swirls in the glass. Right now it's full of shells, but it's served many purposes over the years.
I've hung on to this basket for a very long time. One year my mother and I went to the Canton Flea Market in Canton, Mississippi. I'm sure it's been over 30 years ago. This interesting basket cost me only $2! It looks old, but the bottom says, "Made in China."
Each beach trip I tell myself I won't collect any more shells, and each beach trip I disobey. I've taken to putting the excess shells along our windowsills because there's nowhere else left.

I finally threw these flowers out. They were tired of life in a vase. But I wanted to enjoy them once more here.
These beauties came from my friend Kip's house. Really ... I should just go to her yard and take pictures for an hour and share them with you. What flowers she has! She's got a true gift for beautiful flowers.
This ... this is pretty too. This is my bee balm lotion I make for the market. I think it's so luscious-looking. It's creamy and swirly, and the only color in there is the beeswax, and it turns out this golden, sunny yellow. My customers love it. I'll be making more of this today.
The magnolias have just finished flowering again this year. As you ride a bike around the village, waves of magnolia scent will roll across your path, enveloping you in sweetness. These photos are from last year.

 Last but not least, a girl and a dog. And a creek and a sky. Beauty.


  1. I understand collecting things like shells. I collect natural things from where I live too. I have various rocks & fossils (some inside and many outside), feathers, horns, and more. My grandkids are always going to fetch the turtle shell and rattle snake rattle from a book shelf. I'm not the only one who loves that stuff.

  2. A little bouquet of color for a summer day! How delightful!

  3. Hi MK! We need four more deos AND some of that bee potion!
    I love your Polish dish!

  4. Your china is very pretty as is Julia by the sunset with Beau!
    My Mum makes Marigold balm which she sells- I like the sound of your bee balm!x

  5. Loved seeing all of your pretty things. Every seashell is different. How could you ever have enough? That bee balm does look soothing. Love that sunset photo!

  6. You mentioned purchasing organic beeswax online. Do you have a source you especially like?

  7. I love your blue plate. I collect blue and white plates.
    That last picture is a beauty. Calm and peaceful.
    I'd love some of that bee balm lotion.

  8. Very nice collection of items you love. I'm surprised your plates and wine glasses survived a trip in the duffel bag. - Lovely flowers and that last shot is just dreamy looking.


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