Friday, June 5, 2015

In the Water She Goes ~

Photos! Let's hear it for photos! We're still struggling in the Christiansen domicile with crashy Apples and dead iPhoto and uncooperative Picasa 3. But still ... thar be photos!
I took these yesterday on my bike ride to show the very fickle personality of the Neuse River Sky.

Better yet, let's do a little video so you can see it from one end to the other.
But today I want to share with you the good news of the launching of our little sailboat, the Nocturne.
Doesn't her deck look gorgeous? That's all Adam's hard work.
Fabulous weather at Sailcraft boded well for the launch. See the two fellows up on that boat? They watched the whole thing. Boats both large and small are launched all day long at Sailcraft.
Here she comes! Paul Wells with Triton Yachts did a great job of bringing her over. He's such a nice guy.
Interestingly enough, when we arrived this white boat (below) was in the sling. It's new owner was trying to get it out of the water, onto a trailer. Adam recognized the boat -- it was a free boat about 3 years ago when he was first looking for a free boat. It's sat sadly in a marina, neglected, for 5 o 6 years. We passed on that boat because our boat, a Cape Dory Typhoon, is quite desirable. And now that Adam has done such good work refurbishing her, she's worth a bit of money.
The Nocturne in the sling, lowering into the water:
Adam stepped straight onto her deck with his life jacket.

He fiddled with his motor a bit ...
And took off into Whittaker Creek!
I drove out to the little marina where our boat lives, and met him there. She looked happy back in her home. The next day, after a heavy rainstorm, Adam and the girls checked on her. Before her redo, Nocturne tended to leak, and the cabin would be wet after a rainstorm. Not now! Adam happily announced that the cabin was dry
I'm hoping we can take a little overnight trip on her next autumn when the weather is cool again. She still needs her mast up, of course. That'll happen soon.


  1. Well done Adam!! (Clapping madly here) Hope you both get much joy from days and nights on the water. xx

  2. Yay! One dream come true. Hopefully, your dreamy little house will be next! :)

  3. The sky pictures are beautiful.
    May you have many happy days on the water. : )

  4. How exciting! Is the Nocturne christened properly or is the baptism in water plenty enough? Have fun!

  5. Woo hoo! I've been looking forward to seeing the boat back in the water.

  6. How exciting!!! That husband of yours is quite the guy. And he's lucky he has you to take pictures of his exploits.

  7. Hurray! Adam did a fantastic job and you all must be so proud of the work he has done.

  8. Yay! She's a sea-worthy craft, all right! So very cool.


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