Thursday, June 18, 2015

Find My Phone

Here's a little helpful information the next time you find yourself in this situation:
Adam misplaced his android phone sometime yesterday. He'd turned his ringer off because we were in a doctor's office. Then later when he left his phone ... somewhere?? ... we couldn't find it.

We checked his clothes, the couch, the car, the bathroom, the laundry, the garage. We inquired of the dogs. He even went back to the doctor's office. They were quite helpful, but no, they didn't have it.

Then he simply went to Google and typed in, "where's my phone?"

And Google (scarily) knew. Google presented him with a Google map and a drop pin right on our house. So (phew!!!) we knew it was here. Then Google presented him with a box of options, one of which was to cause his phone to ring at full volume, even though the ringer was turned off.


He happily complied. Family members fanned out over the house and property, listening for the ring-a-ling. And we found it!

He'd left it in his apron, which was hanging in the pantry.

So, no more phone-searching! Just ask Google.


  1. Oh, dear...somewhat scary, all right.

    I have a cell phone but rarely use it; my husband wanted me to have it in case of an emergency. I don't even know the number.

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????Seriously?!?!?!? That sounds like magic!x

  3. Well, that's an eerily good thing to know if I lose my phone. I *think* I have my GPS turned off, but I wonder if it is every really off? Glad you found the phone!

  4. Oh the things that Google knows...

  5. Oh my gosh, that is a little scarey!!! Big Brother watching and knowing.

    Glad you found the phone though.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that you could do that!!!


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