Saturday, June 6, 2015

What's Happening in Oriental? You Ask ~

Or maybe you didn't ask, but here it is anyway ~~
It's the time of year when these trees send out their flighty fairies. I find them enchanting, each year.

Two weddings are happening in Oriental as we speak. This one is at Lou Mac Park, a public park right on the river. This is a desirable spot, overlooking the river. Some couples opt for an arch right there in the middle.
 The family is staying at River Neuse Suites, a lovely hotel with kitchen suites -- you can see it just behind the big tent below. The tent has a dance floor. They'll host the reception here. These folks hauled in the most humungous grill I've ever seen.
Just down the street another wedding is happening more privately at the Stallings House.
 I didn't want to be annoying or invasive, so I snatched a quick photo from the street. The Stallings House is there on the left (above), and the wedding party and tables are set up on the big lawn stretching out to the river, which you can see beyond. It's a lovely spot.
What else is happening? Well, do you recall this house, which was moved in the winter? It's looking very nice and settled in its new earth.
 In the old lot, where the house above used to be, a new home is being erected. Here it is:
It's quite large, but all big homes look like monstrosities while being built. Part of it is all those pilings underneath. This house won't flood in a hurricane! It's facing the river, with a street and one house in between.
More flowers? Why yes ...

I have a friend who is the lily queen, I think. She has so many gorgeous varieties.
The daisies live by the Baptist church.

 While in New Bern tending to Julia's educational needs for next year, I stopped in at Goodwill. (Or, as we Southerners say ... "the Goodwill.") I found this long, flowy farm skirt. $3.50!
 I want more skirts like that. I think my inner hippie is coming out as I plunge into my 50's.
I also found this little gem among the books there.
We have one or two of Thornton Burgess's children's books already, and they are a treasure.
That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. your inner hippie! I have one too. I've been thankful for your archives; I remembered the plantain salve. I had a couple bad bee stings (nothing like yours though!) from working with grumpy bees and a swarm. I am collecting the leaves this evening to "steep". Thank you!!


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