Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

It's raining outside, gully-washing. Our gullies will be quite clean after this! This morning I did three loads of laundry, washed two sinks full of dishes, wrote a blog post, vacuumed the house, and did other little things. Then Anna had an interview with the Peace Corps on the computer for 90 minutes, and we were all quiet. After lunch, I asked myself what I should do for the afternoon ...
So I made a pot of tea.
I convinced Anna to go dig out her unfinished quilt work. Now she's assiduously ripping out seams and measuring fabric.
You see, I wanted company while doing this:
Underneath my new gray shawl, that's the green shawl I made for myself a couple of years ago. I lay it on my legs and feet when I sit on the couch.
For background noise, Anna and I are playing a little Poirot from Netflix. We've seen all these episodes about six times each (at least), so I don't really have to watch, you know.
Now I'll take a wee break from the knitting needles and finish perusing that Tasha Tudor Heirloom Crafts book. I use it for inspiration.
The rain continues. The dogs are snoozing. Adam's making a veggie plate for dinner. Julia's cleaning house for an elderly lady in town. Peter is at work, as usual. We received a nice note from Kara and Philip this morning. I must say, on this Tuesday afternoon, all's right with my world.


  1. Aw, so good to hear about your peaceful Tuesday. Lots of homey stuff going on. I love Tasha Tudor's books about life around her little house. She was quite an original piece of work. :)

  2. Sounds like a really nice day. The knitting looks so soft and snuggly.

  3. What a lovely, comfy day at home with family.

    We had a short but heavy rain yesterday when a thunderstorm blew over. More T-storms predicted for the next couple of days. Predictions don't always come true though.

    Have another nice day and a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Yes, a lovely day...nice to hear about.


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