Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Death and a New Baby

I hope that post title isn't too alarming for anyone. This is who died:
Merry Mac was a Mac iBook, about three years old. She's been ill for a couple of years. Memory issues, among other things. Lately she'd begun having random seizures, fainting at the drop of a hat. So sad. I couldn't trust her to do anything.
Adam had been asking to get me a new computer for a couple of months. He knew I was frustrated. But if there's one thing I hate (much) worse than a crashy computer, it's spending money! Especially when we've got lots of expenses happening. So  I said, "Thank you but no," even when he got the children to chip in birthday money to help pay for it. Because I'm cheap that way. (sigh)
Finally, I'd had enough! Too much crashy stuff happening! I was restarting six times a day.

So here's the new baby in the house! And because we waited, it was $100 cheaper. This little tablet, designed by Quantum View (Who are they? What -- not Apple???) only cost us $160. It's a 10.1" screen with a magnetic attachment to the keyboard. The case shapes into a back support for the screen.
It's faster and in all ways superior to that pathetic, short-lived Mac product. And this one may be short-lived too, but at least it didn't cost $1000. Ugh.
In addition to retiring the iBook, I've slowly stopped using this camera too, which is sad. When Adam bought me a cheap smart phone at Christmas, it changed my photographing world.
Honestly, the whole world is changing to phones. I spoke with a friend this week who is a social media pro and does great pictures, editing, and website work. She does it ALL from her phone. She doesn't have to take a computer on her trips. If she has her phone in her pocket, she can do it all. Because of smart phones, all larger computing products are plummeting in price ... thus, my cheap tablet. Oh -- I forgot to say, the screen removes and is a tablet with a rotating  image, and it's a touch screen. First touch screen computer I've had! Woohoo!
Now if I can just get used to this itty-bitty keyboard ....


  1. I'm glad to hear there's something that cheap (er, inexpensive) with a keyboard! If my Toshiba decides to bite the dust I'll have an affordable option. I really hate the thought of going to a phone with some tiny keyboard.

    I was just thinking about this sort of thing. How long will my camera keep working, not to mention the computer. One day at a time, I guess! ;)

  2. So glad for you, Mary Kathryn!! This equipment is tools for your hobby, your art. It's not reasonable to keep trying to do your work with shoddy tools.

    I just switched to an iPhone, and there was a special offer on our account of a free tablet, so I got a Kindle Fire as well as a phone, and I already have a good Kindle Paperwhite, and a new camera. Now I need a really big purse! Seriously, it seems that suddenly I have too much will take me a while to figure out what to use for what situation, but while I am mentally compromised I am glad to have all of it.

  3. Great purchase! Now there are no excuses. LOL
    I don't think you'll ever convert me to using a phone for everything. I just struggle too much with those teeny tiny keyboards.

  4. yes! I did all my archival work with my iPHone last summer. Photographs, scanning, uploading to Dropbox. Indispensable.

  5. I'm sorry you got an Apple lemon, MK! MIne is about that age and I haven't had one tiny problem. Yay for new stuff that works!

  6. Once my title was - Ken Passed. : ) I meant he passed his bus drivers test!!
    Glad you are pleased with your new electronics.

  7. Delighted to see you get new electronics! I've had to pitch two computers in the last ten years for non-operational reasons. Not Apples, either --- HP's. Yikes.


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