Monday, October 7, 2013

The 24-Hour Drop

Our high today should be 86º. It's hot, sunny, and a bit muggy outside, although a breeze keeps real stickiness at bay. However ... the forecast for this afternoon is rain, and more rain, and tomorrow's high? 69º!! What a drop!
During a morning doggie walk, I collected leaves, red, yellow, brown.
 My large fern continues, a lush green.
 I bought a new plastic autumn platter at the Dollar Tree - what a deal! We eat lots of apples these days, on our diet. Adam has now lost 43 pounds since June 1. I've lost 6 pounds in the past couple of weeks.
 Beau, alert by the front door. He loves going outside. What doggie doesn't?
 I failed to share these two pics last week -- the pink sky. We get this ethereal combination of pale gray/blue and bright baby pink fairly often.
 Reflections in Pink ~
Does anybody know which wooly creature this is? We have many of them this year. This fellow has chosen my mum as his spot. I hope he doesn't eat it!
 That mum's color is very like this yarn -- Vanna's Choice, color "Brick." I'm using it to make Julia a scarf/smitten set.
 I found this gold yarn (well, it's really thread, it's so thin) at Hobby Lobby. It holds quite a bit -- 429 yds., for $5. It's too thin to use on its own, but it makes a perfect accent yarn when combined with another yarn. Gold is a warm accent, so ...
 I'm incorporating it into Julia's scarf. She really likes it. There's just a hint of pattern in there, every few rows, and the gold is every 3rd row, I think. All double crochet.

We're crocheting our way into autumn, and hopefully tomorrow's temperature shift will put us in the mood :)


  1. So glad our weather is heading your way....chilly nights. :)

  2. Stop teasing me with corners of pumpkins- give me the pumpkins! Whole, orange, glorious pumpkins. We get them for one week in supermarkets and that's it. No fields, no porches, no glut. Pumpkin love is best gleaned vicariously from the Yanks!!

  3. Oh Mags -- are you on Pinterest? There are so many, many lovely pictures of autumn and fields and rows and barrels and wagons of PUMPKINS. You would be in pumpkin heaven :)


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