Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One more wish

For many years, Adam and I had felt that he would make a good elder in a church. We've been members of many Presbyterian churches over the years, but for some reason, the eldership never did happen. Perhaps the moving around didn't help any. And Adam's natural arrogance was sometimes an inhibiting factor, I imagine. Still, I've known many an elder more difficult than he.

And of course, for many years, Adam sought a pastorate. He came close, serving as a youth pastor, and coming within an inch of being ordained. It was something he actively pursued, but which the Lord did not see fit to give him. Maybe sometimes we seek things too hard.

Then we moved here. And in our dear little ARP church, he was finally asked to be an elder. It was unexpected, but really a wonderful thing. And on Sunday, several of the elders approached him and asked if he'd be willing to serve as an associate pastor of our church. It wouldn't be a paying position, of course. But in the summers (when he's not teaching), he would help with visitation, and give our pastor a hand. We have many elderly and lots of visitation to do. And Adam loves that work, always has.

So, a very old wish is finally being satisfied. It feels strange. It wasn't anything he pursued at all. I think it is nicer this way.

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