Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And again tonight,

I'm grading (only) 3 research papers, 24 study sheets, 24 essays, and reading half of a Poe short story ("The Pit and the Pendulum" in case you wanted to know).

And skipping community choir rehearsal, because I just don't have time for everything, right now.

Someone is mowing a lawn outside, and it sounds comforting. It's nice to know that someone, somewhere, has time to tend to grass blades.

Adam will make funnel cakes this evening. He had batter left over from making them at school for his students. He makes his classes funnel cakes if the class maintains a certain grade average.

My students love my classroom now because I keep a mulled cider-scented candle burning. Mmmm.

On a totally unrelated topic, if you haven't seen the SNL skit online, about the Wall Street bailout, you should hunt it down. It was hard to find, because the liberals want it removed, of course. I found it through Michelle Malkin's site. Hysterical.

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