Thursday, October 9, 2008

Visiting the Twilight Zone

That's how it felt. I have an unusually good sense of direction, and can generally find my way anywhere with a decent map, or directions. Not this morning. Adam and I spent a solid hour, lost in Greensboro, driving over various stretches of interstate over and over again. It would help if people gave us accurate directions, and if the highway department wouldn't change the exit numbers. We did eventually arrive. Mildly frustrated.

The hotel where the HUGE ACSI convention was held has a lovely inside. Educational vendors everywhere. I got 2 free shoulder bags, several pieces of chocolate, some books for $1 each, and I got to talk to an old friend who was there to represent Covenant College - fun! The seminars were fine too. Well, mine were. Adam was mildly irritated by two of his. But that's what happens when people with education degrees try to talk about things which aren't their specialty.

Very tall hotel. Slightly dizzy photographer.

3000 educators attended this thing. We are required to go for our school's accreditation. Still, I enjoyed it very much and am grateful to be able to attend.

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  1. I went last year when it was held in here in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel. My sessions were either really good or really boring and poorly executed. I do remember that there were a lot of freebies. Teachers like to get anything free!


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