Friday, October 17, 2008


This is the one and only thing I bought at the Renaissance Festival. When the lady sold it to me, she said, "Welcome to the wild side." Well, a toe ring is about as far into the wild side as I'll ever go!!

I'll admit that I've wanted a toe ring for quite a while. I think it's cute. I wore it all day today at school, and my foot doesn't even hurt :)

I'm going to try to swipe some pictures of the Festival from Philip off of his facebook account, but he didn't take any pictures of the lovely buildings or the royalty. He took pictures of his friends, of course. I'll nab a few for you. Be back...


  1. I wear three toe rings, never take them off, and most days I can't feel them at all. I got the first one in 97, the next in 98, and the last in 99 and didn't take them off until I got pregnant-swollen feet. Now, they're all back. I missed them so much! I guess I won't be taking them off until I get pregnant again!

  2. I like it AND it looks good! You wild woman you!


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