Monday, October 27, 2008

On this pictureless night

My hubby and I are sitting together on the couch. We are watching the fire die. It has been a fine fire. At one point, it looked distinctly like a fire-subway sandwich, with 2 black logs as the buns, and a nice sheet of fire in the middle. A few licking flames looked like condiments, dribbling out the edges.

We're listening to Christmas music, and don't you dare tell me it's too early. If my husband can tolerate it, so can you. It's Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas CD from years ago.

And we're eating a new invention: Adam's gorp. Mini-marshmallows, peanuts, raisins and milk chocolate chips. I've been experimenting with shoving the various other items into the middle of the marshmallows. This gorp is much less expensive than the one with M&Ms.

I'm sorry for the evening to end. It's been fun sitting on the couch, looking forward to months of lovely fires and quiet evenings. I graded a few poems this evening, but nothing strenuous.

Tomorrow should be colder and windy. I've finally gotten all my winter clothes from the trunk, and I have sweaters stacked on my closet shelf. It's my favorite time of year.

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  1. It's October; of course, it's not too early for Christmas music. I've been known to drag mine out in September, but I've refrained this year.

    October, November, and December are my 3 favorite months of the year. I love the cold weather and all the festivities. And to enjoy all of that with a nice crackling fire... what could be better?


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