Thursday, October 30, 2008

Those Girls

Julia is supposed to donate $5 that she has earned, to a fund at school to help raise money for charity. So, she needed a job - something I'd be willing to pay her $5 for! We all know what a tight-wad I I decided I'd like for her to scrub my kitchen floor (ick!), plus the pantry (double ick!), and rinse and dry it too.
And I must say, she did a thorough and lovely job :)

This was from a few nights ago, when we had a fire and Anna drifted into the living room to enjoy it. I'm still trying to keep the heat down, so sometimes the girls hover around the fireplace.

I also went to vote yesterday. And since I am pro-life, of course I voted for McCain and Palin. The line of voters at the board of elections building was wound around in their lobby and went out the door and down the sidewalk. They say turn-out is very heavy. The man at the McCain headquarters told me that at one precinct in Charlotte, on the first day of voting 4 years ago, they had 750 people. On the same day this election, they had 7500 people. Probably not all new voters -- many people are just taking advantage of voting early, which is convenient. Still, I do think this election will draw voters out who might not usually vote.

And although polls have not looked favorable for McCain lately, I still hold out hope that he can win. Perhaps the polls are as inaccurate as the media? Possible.

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