Saturday, October 25, 2008

A foretaste of the empty nest

This morning, after making pancakes for 7, (And they were very large pancakes. I have quite a flipping skill.) the teenagers all left. Adam went to the church for a rehearsal, and Julia and I were left alone.

With the truck.

But we toodled around anyway, to Sally's and Fred's. We found suspenders for Philip, which he needs to hold up his tuxedo pants tomorrow when he plays the trumpet.

Julia left after lunch, and Adam and I found ourselves alone. On the way to WalMart, I tried Sonic's Cherry Limeade (I had a free coupon) and it was excellent. It had a slice of lime and a real cherry stem sticking out the side of the plastic lid.

Now Adam is making supper for us: ham/cheese omelets, fried potatoes, and toast. I think we eat more breakfast food than we used to, but it's fresh, it's cheap, and it's yummy.

And tonight I'm aiming for a replay of last evening, complete with fireplace and relaxation.

See ya tomorrow!

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