Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Is the bane of my existence, as a teacher. Everytime it happens with a student, I want to quit my job. Why does this area have to be such a red-hot button of grumpiness and anger for parents and kids?


  1. Oi! I remember the first time i encountered it as a teacher! Imagine my surprise when I received a card from my husband with the exact same wording of a poem that one of my students had turned in that day! And they always swear they didn't do it. Come on! You've been caught. Cut your losses and admit it already!

  2. I remember one time in high school another student stood up and read a poem that he had "written". Turns out that it was a poem by Robert Frost. HELLO!!!!! Like the teacher, AND OVER HALF THE STUDENTS in the class weren't going to recognize that? What better way to make yourself look stupid. Sheeeeesh!

    What's worse? The parent sided with the STUDENT and accused the teacher of creating assignments that were too difficult for her son. So of course he plagiarized. Whatever!


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