Friday, October 31, 2008

In which fun was had by the kitty kats...

We started out at the cake walk. Here's Peter, hoping against hope for a nice big plate of cupcakes, but alas, it was Anna who won the whopping plate full of cookies, which she claims she will eat all by herself!

Here is Julia with her fellow kitty cat, Torie. These two hooked up with friends, Ruth and Paige, for a very fun evening!

Good Witch Allie, looking lovely in her striped stockings. She's one of my favorite students.

Julia and Ruth on a crazy ride. Those girls wore themselves out, pumping that bar back and forth to make the ride go faster. They were working off all the sugar they ate!

What an awesome foursome! After the festival, they all came over to our house, and the girls went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood to some fun houses. We adults wore our feet out, keeping up with them!

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  1. Hi,
    I never thought that I would see a Backgate shirt as a costume.
    Peter looks great. He hasn't changed a bit since I had him in Sunday School years ago.
    Kathy G


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