Monday, October 13, 2008

Can you say, "Fried"?

Adam decided to find a recipe for hush puppies. He looked in his favorite general cookbook, "Joy of Cooking." He found one, but decided it was missing what we call the "secret ingredient": sugar. A little touch of sugar, and VOILA! they were the BEST hush puppies I've ever eaten. Hmmm. The pic just doesn't do them justice.

A little fried shrimp thrown in on the side...

Heart-attack city, but boy, was it good :)


  1. bless you for your kind words to me. the blog is a great place to vent when you know church members won't be reading it...

    and btw, that food! i'm speechless...

  2. Oh yum.....Totally Southern Comfort FOOD!!!!

  3. Oh, man! That looks totally GOOD! Could I put in an order for a side of cold slaw, too?

  4. MK,
    I see that your brother Mark and I share the same birthday. Tell him I said Happy Birthday since his blog doesn't accept comments. And I still see your mother in his baby Grace.


  5. The one time I tried to make hush puppies, it was a disaster! Never again! (unless I get a deep fryer) Can I just come to your house and have some?


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