Friday, October 3, 2008

We survived Homecoming

Philip at 7:30 this morning. NOT ready for the school day, but he's there anyway.

Adam is the greeter in the car line this week. He is always cheerful to the middle schoolers as they step groggily out of their cars.

Isn't this cute of Anna? She is in the Culinary Club at school. Recognize the apron, Mother? She is having fun with this group. We sold these apples at Homecoming.

Philip with his 2 best friends. He is having a great senior year. This evening, they are all at the Homecoming dance. Of course, he claimed he didn't want to go, but he changed his mind! So did Peter! Only Anna isn't there; she is with her best friends, at a sleep-over.

Poor Adam got royally dunked in the dunking booth. It was filled with water from a firetruck, and icky water it was. He was cold and miserable and sore. All for a good cause.

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