Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anna's Senior Photo Shoot

Today, Anna and I did a little photo shoot in the yard. She put on her favorite formal dress and dolled up her hair. I was happy the rose and azalea still looked bright and beautiful. Here are a few of the loveliest. This is her "Senior Photo Shoot":

I think that last one is adorable, with the dappled light playing on her dress. It's hard to believe she's 18 and so grown up. She has always been a little, petite princess. It's hard to let them go!


  1. Beautiful pictures. The flowers really add so much.

    Stop by and visit Jackson whenever you like. If there's something you'd like me to feature, I could try to do it for you!

    Happy weekend.

  2. She's beautiful Mary Kathryn - I remember the first time I met her -she was in the crib in ya'lls big antebellum home in Edwards - I slept on the bed in her room that weekend trying to NOT wake her up! LOL! Woa! I'm getting old!
    You and Adam have done a beautiful job with raising your children.


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