Friday, April 2, 2010

The Long Hair Generation(s)

I am such a happy mama because my college boy is home!! He's had a really happy year at college. One problem? He hasn't had a hair cut in, um, well, MONTHS!! I think MAYBE it was sometime in the middle of last fall, but it might have been summer.

You can imagine.

Actually, all 3 males in the house were in need of haircuts. I decided to get a "before" shot. They spent a few seconds mussing their hair, to make it as BIG as possible:
Aren't they a riot? We are truly a big hair family. Philip's bushes out on the sides. Peter's grows in a huge wad over his forehead. Adam gets BIG TV Preacher Hair. His hair I do try to keep decent-looking, since he has to be in the pulpit on Sundays.
Well, I got the two boys trimmed. Not huge cuts, mind you, just a good trim. Adam will have to wait till tomorrow. Maybe I'll get an "after" shot then.

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