Friday, April 9, 2010

The Asheboro Zoo

Today, Julia and I went with some friends to the NC Zoo in Asheboro. And it was the PERFECT day for it: brilliant sky, lively breeze, cool temps. Just gorgeous!
Here the girls posed on one of the bronze statues that littered the park.
I thought this fellow was so noble-looking. It was harder to get good shots than at some zoos, because they really have large landscape exhibits, with dense foliage between humans and animals. Mr. Zebra obligingly looked up several times.
Julia and Ruth pretend to be baby dinosaurs?
The polar bear was a huge attraction. By this time, our feet were very tired. This is an extra-large zoo, and much trekking about is required to see every last animal. We did not quite make it to the final wolves!
Julia and Ruth have been best friends since early in 2nd grade, and even though they no longer attend the same school, they've maintained a sweet, close friendship.

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