Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I've had a great weekend because Philip is home from college, and I have all my little chickens together in one roost. I know that the times this will be true will diminish as the years go by, so I'm gonna enjoy it today!! I took some photos of them while they were all dressed up:
Julia is not fond of having her picture taken. Julia's dress was worn by Anna for a number of years, and this will be Julia's last. Anna's dress is one I wore in high school to some type of musical performance, I think. I have a picture of myself, wearing this dress, sitting at the piano at Provine Chapel, Mississippi College. I have no idea why I was there!
Anna insisted on a picture with Philip. I know he looks disgruntled here, but actually the sun was just in his eyes. She loves her big brother :)
A pretty picture of a pretty girl. Anna will be 18 this month.
A very goofy boy who is full of life. (except when he's asleep, which is fairly often. Why are teenage boys so SLEEPY all the time?) It's antics like this that got him that nice green cast.
I gave the boys haircuts yesterday. They were both SO shaggy. I couldn't get a shot with both of them making a normal face -- figures :)

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