Monday, April 5, 2010

Watching the Neighbors

There's just about NOTHING more entertaining than watching your neighbors do a big project, right? On Saturday, our nextdoor neighbor had the tree-man in, and he took down 4 HUGE trees, 100 foot tall, straight poplars. Here's my grainy photo of the 1st tree and its little orange occupant:
It was shocking to watch him gambol up the trunk with just his spiky boots and a chain. Then they passed the chainsaw up to him, via the chain.
This is a gray-headed older gentleman. He settled in, used the chainsaw to top out the tree (which fell with a thundering crash into the hillside), and descended.
From our patio, we could see it all. It was quite exciting!


  1. Tree-trimming or cutting is one of the most fascinating projects to watch, I agree!

  2. Here is the thing MK, you not only watch but TOOK PICTURES!


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