Friday, April 30, 2010

Back in the Garden:

The weather's been glorious: warm, sunny days; cool, breezy nights. Last week we put in our tomatoes. We may be premature, but so far, so good. We put in 18 plants, with a variety of Better Boys, Goliaths, Mortgage Lifters (haha!), Romas, and I also had 3 Brandywines.
Our garden is filling up. We have: peas, watermelon, lots of lettuce, strawberries & tomatoes. Today I added potatoes. I've never planted them before, but I had a handful of softening potatoes in the pantry with lively-looking eyes, so I thought, "why not?" Julia helped. We put in 25 potato pieces with at least one eye apiece. We'll see what happens with that! If nothing, then I've lost nothing!

Our neighbor lent us the use of his gas-powered wood splitter. Adam has been having fun with it ALL. DAY. LONG. Peter did a little splitting too:
Julia shows off the wood. That long line of split wood is probably only 1/3 of what we'll end up with.
And this? Well, this is Mama's spot, while all this work is going on!

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