Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Things have been falling in our yard! Please note the tall ivy-clad trunk in the center of the photo. This was a very dead tree; the city came and trimmed off all the branches and left this single trunk standing. Can you find Adam in the picture?
Had to insert this one too, b/c there's my tall son, looking on.
Adam watched the professional tree-taker-downers who came to our neighbor's house and removed huge trees in his yard. Then he figured out exactly where he wanted to lay this tree trunk down, in our front yard. He got it within inches -- which is good b/c there were electrical lines/pole beside it, and a street next to it, not to mention our other neighbors' yard and shrubs. I was sitting in our living room and felt the heavy THUD as it hit.
What else is falling? Well, all the glorious pink blossoms from our neighbor's tree! Each year they make a magic carpet. The effect when they fall is like pink, drifting snow. Adam and I stood and kissed each other as they fell yesterday onto our shoulders.

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